Bringing the 80’s Movie Franchise Back to Life in a New Century

When Ocean Software seemingly had its hands in the pocket of every blockbuster of the time. It would be unsurprising if every commodore owner had the likes of Robocop™, Highlander™, Cobra™, Platoon™, Batman™ and Transformers™, amongst others, in their collection. Rightly so, these were the biggest and best games to have at the time and so worth the loading time too.
If it was an 80’s blockbuster, in hindsight, it meant cult status and with this comes a dedicated fan base no matter the title. You’ll be pleased to know that many of them are now back for you to play again!

80s Blockbusters Never Die

Highlander™, not exactly a film that when watched back would be called pure cinema in its greatest form but its 80’s magic still possesses game players to this day and on a very different level. Microgaming brought the immortal to the casino lobby back in 2017 and invited old fans and new, to land large sums of cash from their Highlander™ casino slot.
Found amongst the plethora of casinos at, the Highlander™ game is a huge leap from its 8-bit predecessor with hi-res animation and film footage weaved into the slots gameplay. With a total of 243 pay lines and the chance to win up to 102,500.00, this is only one in an abundance of 80s films turned casino slots.

Everyone's favorite 80s hero Robocop™ was the big player for the C64 upon its release, kids were wanting this game even though too young to see the film itself. The mechanical cop got rebooted in 2017 thanks to Playtech and with it came one of the biggest bonus features to grace online slots. The game brought back all the main characters and with that their own video footage from the movie itself. The game brought random game features that triggered from the base level game. The bonus level itself was 1 of 5 different options including the Shoot Out Free Games, Robot Attack Free Games with Ed-209 and the OCP Mega Bonus.
This is gameplay on a very grand scale, one only can wonder where we would be now if Ocean Software put in the same level of design back then if it was possible.

Discover Your Inner Child and Win Grownup Cash

Lovers of Batman™, Transformers ™ Donkey Kong™, Platoon™ and even Knight Rider™ are inside the casino lobbies to play in their original form. It seems the effect of playing Ocean games has not vacated the memory of mid 30-40 developers that played these games as a staple diet of upbringing.
The trend won’t buckle when you have a huge number of other titles that can still be developed. If playing these games are too unnerving a reminder of your age then you can experience a vast array of 8-bit game titles that are not based on any 30-something movies. Look out for Ivanhoe™, 8 Bit intruder™, Crosstown Chicken™, Star Raiders™, and many others that bring arcade gaming back to a new level and form of entertainment.