The Good, Bad and the Beautifully Ugly of 8-Bit Gaming

Looking back on the series of Ocean Software which fuelled the Commodore gaming platform back in the 80s brings up notably a reminder of how fast time passes and reminiscing of innocent youth. The games of the time were either so far removed from the idea of genius to those which led into childhood legend. If you didn’t own a copy of Double Dragon™ then frankly, you slept through the entire decade as far as we are concerned. Fast forward 30 years and you’d think nothing has really changed because 8-bit animation and graphics are now cool again and being used in the most unlikely of places.

8-Bit is Now a Sure Bet

We think at least 90% of the titles that were produced would take some degree of lobotomy to actually enjoy today. Essentially you had a lot of the same platform games just packaged differently, granted they will now carry a weight of niche coolness mainly in the fantasy realm of genre but the big games we all know stand the test of time because they delivered on a huge scale to what gamers of the time wanted. 18+ movies converted into games that were accessible to any age, be it if your parents had no idea about the game. Yes, this was a time when parental awareness of gore and death was non-existent.

8-bit was crass and the design would pass for a child’s drawing these days but the style still resonates and casinos found over at have a selection of games that have brought back the cubed formed spaceships and characters that drip with nostalgic craft. The top casinos pick only the best developers, in turn, these guys have seemingly had flashbacks to their youth and have brought a wealth of 8-bit games to ironically freshen up the choice of online slots.

Best of the Best in 80s-Style

The change began when Pariplay got the rights to produce Atari® games for online casinos. This kicked off the arcade trend and it was like time stood still for thirty-years. Classics like Asteroids™ and Pong™ now play in the most stylish of online slots which found a huge appeal amongst dedicated players who sought out new styles and adventures. The arcade movement at this stage wasn’t as daring as the titles soon to follow from other developers.
Genesis brought about 8-bit Invaders™ a take on the classic space invaders platform and it was game over for those that had been shy of approaching the 8-bit graphic full throttle. Some, however, took up the challenge and what was born was the best 8-bit game to have been created for online casinos then and since.

Roasty McFry and the Flame Busters™ by Thunderkick defines supreme 8-bit gaming as a modern online casino slot. It set that standards to which all game up and conceded defeat. Elk Studios tried to replicate the standards with Ivanhoe™ and Route 777™ but despite the overload of 8-bit features, Roasty McFry and the Flame Busters™ remains in first place as the must play game for all fans of 8-bit graphics and those which would like a C64 trip down memory lane.